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dc.contributorWharton, Robert
dc.creatorZhaurova, Kira
dc.description.abstractA species-level revision and a phylogenetic analysis of the genus Physotarsus Townes are performed. Physotarsus is expanded to include 17 new species: P. albus sp. nov., P. claviger sp. nov., P. concavus sp. nov., P. cordatus sp. nov., P. emarginatus sp. nov., P. flavipennis sp. nov., P. foveatus sp. nov., P. gineus sp. nov., P. glabellus sp. nov., P. laucos sp. nov., P. luteus sp. nov., P. melipennis sp. nov., P. melotarsus sp. nov., P. niveus sp. nov., P. oculatus sp. nov., P. tonicus sp. nov., and P. truncatus sp. nov. Physotarsus fabioi Gauld is removed from Physotarsus and the Scolobatini, and placed in Pionini (Ctenopelmatinae). A phylogenetic analysis of the tribe Scolobatini yields two monophyletic groups of genera, reclassified as Scolobatini and Westwoodiini. Scolobatini includes the genera Catucaba, Onarion, Physotarsus and Scolobates, and Westwoodiini includes genera Dictyopheltes, Hypopheltes, Pergaphaga and Westwoodia. The genus Tasmabates, previously included in the Scolobatini, is excluded from both the Scolobatini and the Westwoodiini, its current placement unclear.
dc.titleA revision of Physotarsus Townes, with a preliminary phylogenetic analysis of Scolobatini (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae: Ctenopelmatinae).

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