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dc.contributorMallick, Bani K.
dc.creatorWang, Xiaohui
dc.description.abstractWe propose classification models for binary and multicategory data where the predictor is a random function. The functional predictor could be irregularly and sparsely sampled or characterized by high dimension and sharp localized changes. In the former case, we employ Bayesian modeling utilizing flexible spline basis which is widely used for functional regression. In the latter case, we use Bayesian modeling with wavelet basis functions which have nice approximation properties over a large class of functional spaces and can accommodate varieties of functional forms observed in real life applications. We develop an unified hierarchical model which accommodates both the adaptive spline or wavelet based function estimation model as well as the logistic classification model. These two models are coupled together to borrow strengths from each other in this unified hierarchical framework. The use of Gibbs sampling with conjugate priors for posterior inference makes the method computationally feasible. We compare the performance of the proposed models with the naive models as well as existing alternatives by analyzing simulated as well as real data. We also propose a Bayesian unified hierarchical model based on a proportional hazards model and generalized linear model for survival analysis with irregular longitudinal covariates. This relatively simple joint model has two advantages. One is that using spline basis simplifies the parameterizations while a flexible non-linear pattern of the function is captured. The other is that joint modeling framework allows sharing of the information between the regression of functional predictors and proportional hazards modeling of survival data to improve the efficiency of estimation. The novel method can be used not only for one functional predictor case, but also for multiple functional predictors case. Our methods are applied to analyze real data sets and compared with a parameterized regression method.
dc.subjectsmoothing spline
dc.subjecthierarchical modeling
dc.subjectgeneralized linear model
dc.subjectproportional hazards model
dc.titleBayesian classification and survival analysis with curve predictors

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