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dc.contributorNevels, Robert D.
dc.creatorJeong, Jaehoon
dc.description.abstractAn analytical solution for the coupled telegrapher?s equations in terms of the voltage and current on a homogeneous lossy transmission line and multiconductor transmission line is presented. The resulting telegrapher?s equation solution is obtained in the form of an exact time domain propagator operating on the line voltage and current. It is shown that the analytical equations lead to a stable numerical method that can be used in the analysis of both homogeneous and inhomogeneous transmission lines. A numerical dispersion relation is derived proving that this method has no numerical dispersion down to the two points per wavelength Nyquist limit. Examples are presented showing that exceptionally accurate results are obtained for lossy single and multiconductor transmission lines. The method is extended to represent the general solution to Maxwell?s differential equations in vector matrix form. It is shown that, given the electromagnetic field and boundary conditions at a given instant in time, the free space time domain propagator and corresponding dyadic Green?s functions in 1-, 2-, and 3-dimensions can be used to calculate the field at all subsequent times.
dc.subjectTime domain analysis
dc.subjectLossy circuits
dc.subjectNonuniform transmission line
dc.subjectCoupled transmission lines
dc.subjectMulticonductor transmission lines
dc.subjectGreen's function
dc.subjectMaxwell's equations
dc.subjectPath Integral
dc.titleAnalytical time domain electromagnetic field propagators and closed-form solutions for transmission lines

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