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dc.contributorPike, Scott M.
dc.creatorIdimadakala, Vijaya K.
dc.description.abstractWe examine the tolerance of dining philosopher algorithms subject to process crash faults in arbitrary conflict graphs. This classic problem is unsolvable in asynchronous message-passing systems subject to even a single crash fault. By contrast, dining can be solved in synchronous systems capable of implementing the perfect failure detector P (from the Chandra-Toueg hierarchy). We show that dining is also solvable in weaker timing models using a combination of the trusting detector T and the strong detector S; Our approach extends and composes two currents of previous research. First, we define a parametric generalization of Lynch?s classic algorithm for hierarchical resource allocation. Our construction converts any mutual exclusion algorithm into a valid dining algorithm. Second, we consider the fault-tolerant mutual exclusion algorithm (FTME) of Delporte-Gallet, et al., which uses T and the strong detector S to mask crash faults in any environment. We instantiate our dining construction with FTME, and prove that the resulting dining algorithm guarantees masking tolerance to crash faults. Our contribution (1) defines a new construction for transforming mutual exclusion algorithms into dining algorithms, and (2) demonstrates a better upper-bound on the fault-detection capabilities necessary to mask crash faults in dining philosophers.
dc.subjectmasking tolerance
dc.titleDining philosophers with masking tolerance to crash faults

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