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dc.contributorJensen, Jerry L.
dc.creatorDemiroren, Ayse Nazli
dc.description.abstractThis project estimates interwell connectivity, a characteristic that is crucial to determine reservoir continuity while developing a waterflooding project. It tests the combination of Fourier transforms (FT??????s) of the flow rate data and analytical solutions from analog electrical circuits to infer the inverse diffusivity coefficient (IDC). I solved the transmission line equation analytically for 0D, 1D, and 2D resistance/capacitance (RC) network models and used those solutions to compare with the flow rate FT??????s to determine the diffusivity parameters. I used the analogy between the electrical response of RC networks and the fluid response of permeable reservoirs on the basis of the similarities in the governing equations. I conclude that the analogy works accurately in simple reservoirs, where the assumptions of an analytical solution are met, i.e. single-phase fluid and a homogeneous system. For two-phase liquid cases, I determined that the analogy remains applicable because we still could produce accurate interwell connectivity information. When I investigated cases with dissolved-gas production around the wellbore, however, the analogy broke down and the results were not as good as the liquid systems.
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.subjectInterwell Connectivity
dc.subjectFourier Transforms
dc.titleInferring interwell connectivity from injection and production data using frequency domain analysis

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