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dc.contributorWelch, Jennifer L.
dc.creatorChen, Yu
dc.description.abstractThis dissertation focuses on the design and analysis of distributed primitives for mobile ad hoc networks, in which mobile hosts are free to move arbitrarily. Arbitrary mobility adds unpredictability to the topology changes experienced by the network, which poses a serious challenge for the design and analysis of reliable protocols. In this work, three different approaches are used to handle mobility. The first part of the dissertation employs the simple technique of ignoring the mobility and showing a lower bound for the static case, which also holds in the mobile case. In particular, a lower bound on the worstcase running time of a previously known token circulation algorithm is proved. In the second part of the dissertation, a self-stabilizing mutual exclusion algorithm is proposed for mobile ad hoc networks, which is based on dynamic virtual rings formed by circulating tokens. The difficulties resulting from mobility are dealt with in the analysis by showing which properties hold for several kinds of mobile behavior; in particular, it is shown that mutual exclusion always holds and different levels of progress hold depending on how the mobility affects the token circulation. The third part of the dissertation presents two broadcasting protocols which propagate a message from a source node to all of the nodes in the network. Instead of relying on the frequently changing topology, the protocols depend on a less frequently changing and more stable characteristic ?????? the distribution of mobile hosts. Constraints on distribution and mobility of mobile nodes are given which guarantee that all the nodes receive the broadcast data.
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.subjectMobile Ad Hoc Networks
dc.subjectDistributed Primitives
dc.titleDesign and analysis of distributed primitives for mobile ad hoc networks

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