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dc.contributorWelch, Jennifer L.
dc.creatorCao, Guangtong
dc.description.abstractA mobile ad hoc network consists of certain nodes that communicate only through wireless medium and can move arbitrarily. The key feature of a mobile ad hoc network is the mobility of the nodes. Because of the mobility, communication links form and disappear as nodes come into and go out of each other's communica- tion range. Mobile ad hoc networks are particularly useful in situations like disaster recovery and search, military operations, etc. Research on mobile ad hoc networks has drawn a huge amount of attention recently. The main challenges for mobile ad hoc networks are the sparse resources and frequent mobility. Most of the research work has been focused on the MAC and routing layer. In this work, we focus on distributed services for mobile ad hoc networks. These services will provide some fundamental functions in developing various applications for mobile ad hoc networks. In particular, we focus on the clock synchronization, connected dominating set, and k-mutual exclusion problems in mobile ad hoc networks.
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.subjectmobile ad hoc network
dc.subjectdistributed services
dc.subjectclock synchronization
dc.subjectconnected dominating set
dc.subjectk-mutual exclusion
dc.titleDistributed services for mobile ad hoc networks

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