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dc.contributorEhsani, Mehrdad
dc.creatorShidore, Neeraj Shripad
dc.description.abstractSystem level parametric design of hybrid electric vehicles involves estimation of the power ratings as well as the values of certain parameters of the components, given the values of the performance parameters. The design is based on certain mathematical equations or ?design rules?, which relate the component parameters and the performance parameters. The flow of the design algorithm is uni-directional and fixed, and cannot be altered. This thesis proposes a new method for such parametric design, called omni- directional design, which does not have a fixed sequence like the conventional design, but can start with any parameters of the designer?s choice. The designer is also able to specify the input parameters over a range, instead of a point (one, fixed value) input. Scenarios having a point input, but values of an output which can vary over a range for the point input, can also be studied.
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.subjectHybrid electric vehicle
dc.subjectsystem level design
dc.titleAn omni-directional design tool for series hybrid electric vehicle design

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