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dc.contributorHassan, Yassan A
dc.creatorDi, Yuan 1988-
dc.description.abstractThis present study seeks to contribute detailed visualization data on a pool boiling experiments using HFE-7000. Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) was used to measure the time resolved whole field liquid velocity. Bubble dynamic parameters such as nucleation site density, bubble departure diameter, contact angles and frequency were obtained in shadowgraphy measurements. Infrared thermometry with an IR camera was used for observation of temperature fluctuations of nucleation sites. The experiments were taken for the heat flux from 0.042 kW/m^2 to 0.266 kW/m^2, six experimental conditions in total. To provide a supplementary description of heat transfer mechanism, a novel bubble characterization technique, reflection interference contrast microscopy (RICM), was used to obtain detailed information on bubble dynamic parameters on the microscopic scale. Bubble diameter was obtained from RICM pictures. Comparison between the experiments results and previous empirical correlation were made. Agreements and discrepancies were discussed.
dc.subjectInfrared thermometry
dc.subjectSubcooled pool boiling
dc.titleExperimental Observation and Measurements of Pool Boiling Heat Transfer using PIV, Shadowgraphy, RICM Techniques

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