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dc.contributorLagoudas, Dimitris C.
dc.creatorPenrod, Luke Edward
dc.description.abstractThis work details an investigation into the production of porous shape memory alloys (SMAs) via hot isostatic press (HIP) from prealloyed powders. HIPing is one of three main methods for producing porous SMAs, the other two are conventional sintering and selfpropagating hightemperature synthesis (SHS). Conventional sintering is characterized by its long processing time at near atmospheric pressure and samples made this way are limited in porosity range. The SHS method consists of preloading a chamber with elemental powders and then initiating an explosion at one end, which then propagates through the material in a very short time. HIPing provides a compromise between the two methods, requiring approximately 5 hours per cycle while operating in a very controlled environment. The HIPing method gives fine control of both temperature and pressure during the run which allows for the production of samples with varying porosity as well as for finetuning of the process for other characteristics. By starting with prealloyed powder, this study seeks to avoid the drawbacks while retaining the benefits of HIPing with elemental powders. In an extension of previous work with elemental powders, this study will apply the HIP method to a compact of prealloyed powders. It is hoped that the use of these powders will limit the formation of alternate phases as well as reducing oxidation formed during preparation. In addition, the nearspherical shape of the powders will encourage an even pore distribution. Processing techniques will be presented as well as a detailed investigation of the thermal and mechanical properties of the resulting material.
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.subjectshape memory alloy
dc.subjectpowder metallurgy
dc.subjectisostatic pressing
dc.titleFabrication and characterization of porous shape memory alloys

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