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dc.contributorWoodcock, David
dc.creatorRowe, Rebecca Elizabeth
dc.description.abstractThis research study sets out to determine what incentives and programs are being utilized throughout the country and in Texas to keep historic residential neighborhoods maintained and vibrant. For this purpose, federal, state and local programs have been surveyed to discover what programs are being utilized and which might be successful in Texas cities. Also surveyed were prospective homebuyers to determine what incentives and maintenance assistance could induce them to purchase, or to consider purchasing, an older home versus a new home in a builder community. The responses of the prospective homebuyers? survey indicates that there is a good deal of interest in older homes among prospective homebuyers. A program to assist them should be based on education, making pertinent information and resources available, and providing financial relief for those purchasing and rehabilitating an older or historic home.
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.titleCan historic neighborhoods compete? Analysis of and recommendations for local incentives for owner-occupied historic housing

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