Texas Digital Library Bylaws and Policies

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    TDL Bylaws
    (Texas Digital Library, 2023-09-19) TDL Governing Board
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    Membership & Services for related entities at member institutions
    This policy outlines how non-library units on member campuses may join TDL and/or engage TDL for hosting services provided directly to them.
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    TDL Group Coordination Policy
    Texas Digital Library fosters a community of library and archives workers that support each other, their institutions, and the mission of TDL. We support collaboration amongst community members through coordination of various types of groups. This policy defines types of groups that TDL convenes and supports; it also documents practices and procedures that make the work of coordinating these groups sustainable for TDL staff; that set expectations of TDL support levels for different types of groups; and that establish membership rules that clarify the value of this work for TDL Members, while creating opportunities for participation for non-members and potential members.
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    University Systems as Consortia Policy
    This policy document outlines a consortial membership model for University Systems.
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    General Consortium Membership Policy
    This document sets general policy for how multiple institutions may join as a Consortia Member of the Texas Digital Library, as defined in the TDL Bylaws, Article III, Section IV.